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5 reasons why both railfans and their partners will really enjoy New Zealand

1) We'll be seeing a wide variety of steam, diesel and electric locomotives: There are few places in the world where you will see such variety of influences on locomotive development. You'll see early steam locos imported from Great Britain including hopefully the unique 3'6" gauge Double-Fairlie: Josephine. You'll see locos from the USA including the magnificent Rogers 4-4-0's and finally you'll see many New Zealand designed and built locomotives such as the Ab Pacific's, Ja's and Ka's. In addition to mainline locomotives you'll see many examples of local industrial tanks and in particular the fascinating bush tramway logging locos such as the Price's and possibly a Climax. Diesel and Electric fans will not be disappointed as the itinerary covers all the current mainline action as well as the major museums.

2) We'll be travelling on some of the most spectacular routes in the country: New Zealand is a mountainous country with steep gradients, sharp curves, spectacular gorges and some breathtaking coastline. The 3'6" gauge conquered this terrain with numerous tunnels and some truly magnificent viaducts. Much of the best scenery is on lines closed to passengers, miles away from the nearest roads and our private steam train means you will among the few people able to enjoy that scenery. To help you keep that memory we have arranged plenty of photostops and runpasts along the routes for you.

3) We believe your partner will enjoy this journey just as much as you: We love trains and could happily spend all our holidays on them, but we also love our partners and want them to enjoy the journey just as much as us. We want to share the enjoyment with them, so to make sure of that we always have a good choice of other things to do when the railfan excursions are on. Check out the full itinerary on our Steam Journeys page and you'll see what we mean.

4) We know that the journey will be full of pleasant surprises for you: Have you come back from holiday and found the things you remember most were the unexpected things? We know that will also be the case with this journey..but if we let slip what they are, they wouldn't be surprises! So you'll just have to take our word for it and come experience them for yourself!

5) We know it's a long way to travel, so we make sure you get to see the best railway venues you can in your limited time: All New Zealand's preserved railways are run by volunteers and operate on weekends or sometimes only once a month. This means if you did the journey by yourself you'd need several months to travel on them all. On our steam journey they will be opening specially for us and are giving our group special treatment for photo opportunities and running special trains etc. You can be sure that the red carpet will be out for you and that all the railways will be putting their best faces forward on the day!

A taste of some of New Zealand's Rail Museums, Scenic and Preserved Lines:

North Island

Museum of Technology and
Glenbrook Vintage
Feilding Steam
Pahiatua Railcar
Fell Engine
Kapiti Coast Electric Tramway
Wellington Cable Car

South Island

Ferrymead Museum
Weka Pass
Tranz Alpine Train


Plains Railway

Pleasant Point Museum

Oamaru Harbour Railway


Taieri Gorge Railway and The Seasider

Ocean Beach Railway


 .........and an excellent model shop you should check out in Christchurch