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Great Steam Journeys Survey:

Have your say!

Great NZ Steam Journeys is carrying out a short survey to identify which countries railfans wish to tour by rail and what features they value most on a rail tour?

This will then help us develop new and interesting tours that can be tailored to your specific needs.

All information you supply will be treated in strictest confidence and will only be seen by Great Steam Journeys of the World. (Please read our privacy policy here).

Section 1 is about:

Steam Destinations, Ideal length of Tour and Realistic Pricing:

How interested would you be in participating in steam tours in the following regions?

How long would the ideal length of the tour be for you?

What do you think would be a realistic price per day for you in your local currency, excluding airfare?

Please tick the boxes that apply to you:

Steam RegionNot Interested: A

Interested: B

Ideal No. of Days on Tour: C

Realistic Price Per Day in your Local Currency Excluding Airfare: D
1.1 China*
1.2 Cuba
1.3 USA*
1.4 Canada*
1.5 Africa*
1.6 Zimbabwe
1.7 India
1.8 Australia
1.9 New Zealand
1.10 South America*
1.11 UK*
1.12 Western Europe*
1.13  Eastern Europe*
1.14 *Please write here any specific preferred destinations?

Section 2 is about :

Ideal Timing and Size of Group you would like to be in?

Please tick the time of year you would prefer to travel?
2.1 N.Hemisphere Spring   / S.Hemisphere Autumn
2.2 N.Hemisphere Summer / S.Hemisphere Winter
2.3 N.Hemisphere Autumn / S.Hemisphere Spring
2.4 N.Hemisphere Winter / S. Hemisphere Summer
How likely is it you would travel with a partner or friend or group?  
2.5 With Friend
2.6 With Partner 
2.7 With own Group
2.8 Travel Alone
2.9 If you ticked “With Group” how many of you do you think would travel?
3.0 What type of group would it be? eg Club, Family etc
3.01 What do you think would be the ideal size for the whole tour group?

Section 3 is asking:

How important are the following options for you?

Tour OptionsVery ImportantImportantNot ImportantAny other comments?
3.1 There are optional sightseeing excursions
3.2 There are photographic run pasts
3.3 There are Steam Videos and Lectures
3.4 There are visits to local Model Railways
3.5 The days are packed full of activity

3.6 There is 2-3 hours "free" time every day

3.7 There are hands on steam activities such as Firing, Driving etc
3.8  There is a choice of accommodation
3.9  The accommodation is at least 3 Star
3.10 The accommodation is 5 Star
3.11 The accommodation is the cheapest type possible
3.12 All meals are included
3.13 No meals are included
3.14 Just Breakfast is included
3.15 All Breakfasts and Dinners are included
3.16 All Breakfasts and just a few Dinners are included
3.17 You have the option to stay longer at final destination

Section 4 is about yourself and is totally confidential:

4.4: Are you: Male Female
4.5: Aged between:      
4.6: How long have you been interested in steam railways? Recent Interest
Just a few years
Most of my Life
4.7: Do you consider steam your main interest?           Yes No
4.8 Have you been on any Steam Tours before? Yes No
Please enter details of countries toured and approximate dates: 4.9
If you answered Yes: What do you feel were the good/not so good aspects of each tour?
4.10 Good parts:   
4.11 Not so good parts: 
4.12 Do you participate in any steam restoration projects? Yes No
4.13 If Yes please give brief details:  
4.14: Do you participate in model railways? Yes No
4.15 If money was no object which steam destination would be Number 1 on your wish list to experience?  
4.16 Why?  
4.17 How did you first hear about this website? 

Thank you very much for your participation in the Great Steam Journeys of the World Annual Survey. 

If you would like us to respond directly to you please type your name, address, phone number and your email address below and we will be in touch straightaway:

Phone Number
Email Address
Do you wish to be emailed about future Great Steam Journeys? Yes No

After sending your survey results we'd be very grateful if you could forward this page to a friend or colleague who you think might be interested in giving us their views? Thanks again.